Why you should not try to become a ‘good’ photographer.

Despite being an expensive hobby, photographers are now-a-days abundant on social media. With photo sharing websites like flickr, instagram, and 500px photography enthusiasts can easily share their works with the whole world. That too for free! But the biggest platform for budding photographers is undoubtedly Facebook.

But who is a good photographer? What makes a good photographer? Is it the high end expensive gears that make a good photograph? Or does it take a stunning landscape location to make a good picture?


Well first of all, just having a good camera (read DSLR) does not make you a good photographer. I am not saying that it does not contribute to the quality of the image, it does, but sadly too many people think that the DSLR does all the work. And too many people think that not having a DSLR is what keeping them from becoming good photographers. I know photographers those who have created spectacular photographs with just a simple point and shoot camera. What matters is the passion to capture a situation the way you perceive it to be and you are ready to work wonders. Of course you need a camera. But it does not necessarily have to be a DSLR! Consider a painter. Does it matter if he is painting on a wooden board with a chalk, or a large canvas with costly oil paints? If the painter is a good one, he will create something beautiful in both situations. Consider the DSLR to be that canvas. Sure it improves the quality of the painting and helps the painter by giving him more freedom, but ultimately it is the painter, his skill and imagination that does the work.

Now that you know that the DSLR has very little role compared to what you used to think, let’s see who is a good photographer. Well, the thing is, there is no ‘good’ photographer. Good is a very subjective term. Whats good for me may not be as good for you, right? So, don’t try to be a good photographer. Always try to be a better photographer. By being a better photographer I don’t mean that you should start comparing your work to others. Well, you should learn from others mistakes and positives, but you should first compare your work with your previous works. What it means to be a better photographer is that when you take a picture, after the photo is ready you must feel that this is a better work compared to what you shot last year. Taking a good photograph gives us joy. Every photography lover has experienced that feeling. The wonderful feeling of accomplishment that you get after you create a beautiful photograph. When you do get that feeling, remember that moment and the photograph. A year later you will look at that photograph again and wonder- ‘I was so excited after taking this picture?! Hmm, well, I wonder why! I take pictures like this now on a daily basis. I have taken much better shots in recent times.’. And that’s when you realise that you have grown as a photographer. That you are now a ‘better’ photographer than the photographer you were a year ago. But don’t stop there. Keep clicking, because you need to get better. Because if you don’t, then you will become just a ‘good’ photographer. And as I said earlier, what’s good for you, may not be good for the rest of the world.

Thank you.

Happy clicking.

Note: All images has been taken from Google images. The author does not own any of the above images.


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