4 people that inspire the scientist in you.

Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson


Named as the ‘sexiest astrophysicist alive‘ by The People magazine, NdGT is also undoubtedly one of the best Science communicators on the planet right now. With his witty sense of humour, funny mannerism, and his ability to explain even the most difficult Science concepts in layman’s terms he is definitely the one to look up to for inspiration. Youtube is filled with videos of his public lectures, and no matter how lengthy they may be, you will be left wanting for more. Doesn’t matter if you are an eighty years old person, or an eight years old kid, doesn’t matter if you have a Science background or not, he will inspire the explorer in you. He hosts a radio talk show and fortunately they have a youtube channel for it- Star Talk Radio.

Dr Derek Muller


Known primarily for his youtube channel Veritasium, and 2Veritasium Dr Muller has an unique way of communication for Scientific ideas. Not only will he explain Scientific concepts, he will start by talking about the general misconceptions related to that topic. How does he know about the misconceptions? Well, he will roam about the streets interviewing the general public, interact with them and find out what the misconceptions are. His videos will definitely help you understand the concepts better in a more effective manner.

Henry Reich


The creator of popular youtube channel Minute Physics and Minute Earth. His videos (casting only stick figurines) are not only fun to watch, they are usually just a few minutes long, and yet very effective. His channels deal with basic Scientific concepts to complex ones, to how and why the nature behaves the way it does.

Michael Stevens


Known for his youtube channel Vsauce, Michael deals with topics which are not exactly your text book Science, but still very much Scientific. His videos, such as How much does a shadow weigh? and The Science of Friendzone are usually ~13 minutes long. Too long? Well, he will keep you interested with his quirky expressions and interesting content.

PS: The author does not own any of the above images. All images has been taken from Google images.


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